Alex Trans for Transportation SAE is your partner in reliability, who is familiar with your wishes in many sectors; time, quality, vital importance and on-time delivery under the safety conditions.

For these reasons; customers work together with AlexTrans whose form a strong link in the integral chain management for Door to Door services.

AlexTrans is one of the largest transport companies in Egypt that primarily provides International Logistics, international land transportation, storage, inland complete or partial distribution and customs brokerage services using 3PL system within the scope of the integrated logistics services it provides.

AlexTrans has developed a range of skills beyond standard trucking transport we can engage with our customers to develop logistics solutions that create genuine value and obvious ROI; so it prides itself on its ability to transform a customer’s logistics challenge into an innovative resolution.

Alex Trans applies advanced operational and technological approaches to all of our offerings. This enables us to provide services that are SAFE, RELIABLE, and as FLEXIBLE as your production needs.
Alex Trans hauls hundreds of thousands of loads annually from terminals to all customers locations allow us to provide coverage over ARE. Our fleet is comprised of the latest Mercedes model tractors and specialized bulk & box trailers – all equipped with the industry’s most advanced safety and communications technology. This investment ensures that the critical raw materials & products of our customers in their supply chain always arrive safely and on time.

Why Alex Trans?

  1. Our Team

    Our personnel is composed of experts that offer their skills, resources and knowledge with honesty, reliability, speed, responsibility and problem solving skills, while abiding to the norms of work ethics and customer satisfaction.

  2. Flexible and a good price

    We have all the means to be flexible with more than 70 vehicles, We work in a cost-conscious way as a result of our well though-out loading schemes and creative route planning.

  3. Committed to Safety

    Trust your safety with a company that shares your commitment to safety, we’ll never put your life in danger; safety is a foundational part of our company’s culture.

  4. Well-Maintained

    All equipment associated with Alextrans is well-maintained by our advanced maintenance department to ensure high performance and safe operation.

Vision, Mission

To become a pioneer company at providing logistics solutions services. Co-exist and integrate to achieve our company’s mission, as well as the market and customer needs efficiently and effectively.


To follow the concept of putting together the organization entities, customers, partners and staff in order to interact through intelligent policies designed to achieve the goals of the company and offer customers the best services while keeping integrity and values to promote trust, openness and growth.


  1. Diminishing the operation accidents and injuries, as well as preserving the environment from pollution.
  2. Operating through a harmony and proficient team work, and create a company loyalty among all employees.
  3. Offering the highest quality measures while meeting our clients’ needs.
  4. To have long term contracts with selective clients, as we consider them our partners.
  5. Perform a vertical and horizontal expansion based on our goals.
  6. Seeking balance between time, effort, cost and our customer’s need.
  7. To set future successful plans & targets for our company & achieve them on targeted time.
  8. Facing up to the challenges of transportation services problems between time, effort, cost and our customer’s need.
  9. To set future successful plans & targets for our company & achieve them on targeted time.
  10. Facing up to the challenges of transportation services problems.


Alex trans is certified with

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Shell Marketing Egypt
  • Alexandria National Iron Steel
  • Emarat Misr
  • see more

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