In-land Trucking

In-land Trucking

According to our (x-projects) in trucking we are ready to deliver any cargo as soon as we receive your assignment, from trucking department fleet prepared to deliver any cargo anywhere our team will t...

Also international road trucking (Libya – Jordan – Algeria – Saudi Arabia – Sudan), so we prepared ourselves with experience and equipment to face this development and the handling of all project cargoes mainly petroleum products & dangerous shipments.

We have our own trucks and we are professional in heavy trucking transportation services and loading services with National and International companies and projects inside Egypt.

Customers’ Delivered Cargo Types:

  • Packed oil products
  • Bulk base & crude oil
  • Bulk fuel products
  • Bulk fresh & waste water
  • Bulk dangerous petrochemicals (EDC)
  • Bulk Liquefied compressed air gases (O2, N2, Ar, H2, Co2,……)
  • General cargo include (jumbo bags, Cylinders, Pallets, Containers, pumps, equipment , constructions)

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